First of all, Thank you for taking the time to contact me. All your comments and feedbacks are really valuable. Please allow me at least 2 days to respond  I will reply to everyone that genuinely show interest in my music. To easily contact me you have just to fill out the form below.

For booking Lnt Mike to your next event you can use the same form. Please specify the location of the venue for your upcoming event as well as the approximate number of attendees. Then you just have to request if you would rather to have me as DJ or Live Perfomance with Machines. Or both 🙂

Please note that I’m not performing Analog Machines live performance outside Belgium, Holland, North of France, West of Germany, Luxemburg. My machines do not like to travel that much and I’m not like the Usb Guy next door 😉 Lnt Mike is not using any computer whatsoever when performing in front of its fans.

Transportation is always included in the fee (domestic) but the fee excludes drinks, food, accomodation and extras that I will leave to your own discretion.

For international bookings I do not require an hotel room. To reduce the costs I’m ok to stay with you guys as long as I can be comfortable enough.

My goal is not the profit, it has never been. I do like sharing my passion for electronic music as long as I’m not loosing money doing it. Your support is really appreciated! I’m open to artistic collaboration, Let’s work together !


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