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On this page we will showcase all our prefered playlists. All of them are build with the upmost care by Dj, Label A/R, Electronic Radio Curator with over 25+Years of Experience

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Acid And Techno – Selected by Analog Experience

On this list we propose our favorite recent tracks of the moments that we use in our Dj Sets, or those that reflect Analog Experience Records Vibe. This playlist is updated weekly with a few new songs to replace the older ones. (rotation system + top keepers)

Compilation of tracks that reflect the label spirit that include fresh productions and our latest discoveries Playlist Designed FOR OUR DJS – DARK VIBE ACID PUNCHY. Bon Voyage

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Melodic Techno Experiments – Selected By Analog Experience

On this list we propose a more melodic approach into our techno and tech house tastes. It includes more memorable tracks that hasmore vibes and feel. It’s perfect for a long car drive with good energy and positive mood. We include new tracks on a by-weekly basis and the newer replace the olders ones (rotation rystem + top keepers + bottom very specials)

We Love Acid with Tee Bee that Vibe with trance and sweat – Selection of starters, sweaters and trancers with a club feeling.. it can go crescendo! Drumcode Style Techno – DC-10 – Balearic Feeling – Ecclectic Tech-House that make you dance and smile

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