NEW VINYL RELEASE (AEXP-04) With Somatic Responses

Brussels-based Analog Experience returns with a various artist EP titled Exospice Corp which features two tracks on the A side by Welsh legends Somatic Responses. Firstly the Healy Brothers unleash the breakneck acid techno stomper ‘T2D2PtSlot3’ followed by the more restrained yet undeniably seething futurism of “LV-426 Carrier” containing the same abnormally high levels of resonating 303 squelch. Over on the flip, label chief Lnt Mike appears with a heightened (that’s putting it lightly!) sense of euphoria on the intense epic ‘Soma Pills Experience’ and FaSid303 (an alias of a bloke called Fabian) closes it out with one more blowout on the Roland boxes called ‘Lost Communications’.

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